White Label Softphone

Writing about white label solutions requires constant research, because you never know what unusual offers you can find. For many of us white label is mostly associated with travel or dating, but it not entirely true. For example – white label softphone, something like Skype and Viber alternative but under your own name. Huh? Interesting… But how it works and do I need it? Well, to run something VoIP you need full infrastructure. It is expensive. But what if you run it over someone else’s infrastructure and just put iOS or Android App under you own brand. This sounds cheaper.

But what is the point of doing all this exercise if someone can easily install Viber, Skype or WhatsApp and use it straight away. There is a point… In fact you can create nice income channel with this one as well.

Many people don’t realize that all free communicators above are actually making money, and a lot of money. Their main income stream comes from the premium services like VoIP to GSM or landline. As data is becoming cheaper but long-distance calls over GSM are still expensive, VoIP offers much lower call rate over their network free (data cost) for communicator to communicator, and paid for communicator to phone.

In our global world when people travel or work abroad, use expensive roaming, the above option has very strong appeal. The disadvantage – you need a smartphone. Advantage – smartphones are everywhere.

Second stream – in app advertising for free apps, in this case is a big NO. You can write about you premium services, this is good but no 3rd party as your aim is to sell those premium services. What else you need? Video! And this one is a bit tricky, good video quality over 3g is not too easy to achieve. Software like Skype with it’s abysmal video is one good example. Get HD! People will love HD. And, yes, don’t forget the messenger.

To summarize the above, if you need to make money from your own Softphone you would need: OEM / REbranding / White Label look, Premium options like VoIP to GSM, HD video and ability to use someone else’s server. There are not many companies that offer you that, simply because if company manufactures a Softphone, they want to monetize on it and not give others market share. And they don’t run any affiliate programs, like get me customers and I’ll share the income with you.

But where is a will there is a way, some do offer White Label with premium features and ‘cool’ factor. One of the companies I have found is Zangi (NOT an affiliate link) with their White Label Softphone (again, not an affiliate link!). So check and see how this business model works.

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