White Label and Marketing

In this article we will discuss some standard eMarketing strategies used by White Label websites.

  1. Direct Advertising (Google Adsense, Adchoices, etc.)
    Good starting point. But what if… you have problems in this type of SEM? For example, the CPC is high, the market is highly competitive (most white label markets are) or you need to provide tons of documents for a licensed activity? To be honest that was one of the reasons for me to choose a gaming industry for this tutorial series. Yes, Adwords is an option but it might be very expensive and for certain industry the ROI should be estimated well beforehand otherwise you might end up paying much more for ads than you could actually earn.
  2. Email marketing. If you have a client base already then this is very cost effective. If you have to buy a list from a third party, expect conversions at 0.1% at the best. That is one conversion for 1000 emails. And we are talking about targeted lists.Much cheaper than SEM and might be good starting point.
  3. Direct SEO. Wow! White label is considered a ‘thin affiliate’ with dupe content. Doing SEO on this one is not for weak hearted. Forget about the content, well at least in the majority of cases. Only think about ‘Title keyword links’. For example, if you have sportsbook in your title the start linking using the anchor or alt tags. Forget about link exchange, that never works. Forget about link spamming, it will eventually create a ‘bad neighbourhood’ effect, lots of dupes and many other problems. Many rouge SEO companies did that in the last few years and now their clients are writing messages to webmasters begging to remove the link.Link buying in closed webmaster communities with member ranking and reputation system is the best way out. Check the MOZ ranks and spam scores. Check the total number of outbound links. Check how you can have the link organically without making it look suspicious. Avoid buying on the open market.

The above are 3 most common eMarketing strategies which are used by the majority of webmasters. I’ve tried to cover some pros and cons. In my next instalment we will speak about some very specific ways suitable for ‘thin affiliate’ model. Stay tuned…

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