White Label Affiliate Solutions

White Label (Private Label) is a turnkey business model that allows running a slightly modified version of a popular website under your own brand. White label is mainly associated with Hotels, Flights and Dating industries though there are many other solutions offered to webmasters. Do not confuse it with dropship, where physical product arrives to the client in unbranded box and the business itself looks like your own. That is not the same and we are not going to discuss it in this series.

White label business model causes controversy amongst seasoned and new webmasters. After several Google algo updates and considerable drop of the EMD (exact match domain) impact on SERPs, people are now becoming reluctant to borrow content and create a dupe site with very little chance to promote via search engines. In many cases, it can cause a permanent drop of your domain in SERPs and therefore is often called a “domain killer”.

Therefore, many of the white label affiliates have to resort to paid advertising and email marketing in order to generate a relevant visitor’s traffic flow to their web installations. This is an expensive exercise and requires initial investment. RCR (Recognition Conversion Retention) marketing engine stalls on the first ‘R’ that is becoming the main deterrent.

In this series, I will try to show other ways and backdoors to tackle that first ‘R’. As an example, I am going to use a Gambling / Betting affiliate system. Why? Simple, this is the most expensive and difficult model to advertise with plenty of regulations to adhere to. One of the most expensive clicks in Adwords are related to the keywords like ‘online casino’, ‘online betting’, etc. With 1% conversion rate your customer acquisition cost can be as high as US$ 10 000 per player! And this is if you get approval from Google to advertise that is also extremely difficult.

At the same time, online gaming is one of the most profitable Internet businesses and it should not be ignored.

Please note, all links in my articles are ‘clean’, no affiliate code whatsoever. It might sound weird, but I have decided not to use affiliate marketing tutorials for my own affiliate marketing promotion. I think that will help me to concentrate on text rather than on earnings.

Main point of this introduction is, white label affiliate marketing is not easy but you can find a way of doing it and if you do it right then it could be much more profitable.

To be Continued…

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