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phpBB Spam – How to Stop it

Expert Consultant website use to have a very popular forum, based on phpBB 3. Several months ago I had to stop the forum altogether and attempted to clean it from spam. It was such a tedious work, that I simply decided to clean the database directly, and kept only few random older messages. It was not a best way forward but it took so much time that I simply couldn’t afford. Moderators have “resigned” because of this as well.

Later the board was reopened … Continue Reading

Tip No.7 Make a small change in your article and avoid being rejected by Ezine

I have published quite a few articles on Ezine. Sometimes I was puzzled why an article which has nothing to do with any marketing or promotions is being rejected as “overpromotional”. Until I have found a very simple reason:

Tip No.7 – When sending articles to Ezine avoid using “I” or “my”, instead of it put words like “some”, “usually”, etc. In this editor is not under impression that you are promoting yourself or your service. And don’t forget that even with this tip the main point is: your articles should still be useful and informative.

Tip No. 6 If you got a Trojan on your Website.

Just answered a question somewhere else about how to get rid of a Trojan on the website. But the more important thing is:

Tip No. 6  If you got a Trojan on your website you should be more worried of how it got there. If from your own PC during the upload, it’s more or less OK. But if your site was compromised then after clean-up, check with your hosting provider or brush through the raw logs to see any unfamiliar IP’s accessing your admin area.