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Affiliate Marketing Tutorial – Choosing a Hosting Company

Now you have you domain and decided on the platform, so time to choose where to actually put your website. Unlike general “Webhosting Review” sites, I am putting here only hosting companies that I do use myself for years and therefore know, what I am recommending.

We are going to subdivide Webhosting Companies based on the level of your technical experience.

1. Domain Registrars – Webhosts

If you are not very comfortable in changing nameservers, or doing other technical things, then often company which register your domain also offers good deals in hosting packages. Because hosts in this article are really tried and … Continue Reading

Tip No. 8 How to Get the Best Web Hosting

Right, if this section is called “Daily Tip” then somehow I have to stick to the definition. I had no time recently do make many updates but today I will give it a go. At least I would try to revive the tips section and try to give you not only a tip but some savings. Well, read the whole post to find out how.

Everything is now about Internet, even most of my tips and articles are about things people mostly do online. But to get online not as an ordinary “surfer” but as a part of the multi-billion community … Continue Reading