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The ExCo Forum is Back

After closing my forum I’ve received many messages asking to reopen it. I was pretty reluctant to do it and here is why. The spam count was simply enormous! More than 700 only Viagra messages. And you know what, a don’t really understand how someone can spam a chemical a pharma board with offers to buy sildenafil citrate in milligrams! Don’t they realise that most people here could get it metric tons if necessary? Or brain activity is something really unknown to spammers?

Therefore after trying to clean spam comments and topics I simply decided to clean everything. I do apologised … Continue Reading

SEO Blues Part 3. Social Bookmarking

At first I wanted to join social bookmarking and social networking section but then decided to split into separate sections. Today we are going to discuss new fashion trend in website promotion – social bookmarking. And I am even going to reveal one of the “secrets” that some people are paying for but this time for free.

I think not many people need introduction to the Social Bookmarking, but to mention a few – Digg, Stumble, Squidoo, etc (see icons at the bottom of this post). If you want more information just search them up.

For people who do know how it … Continue Reading

SEO Blues Part 2. Links, links, links…

Now it is time to dig a bit dipper and see what the SEO companies do offer you. First and utmost service and “improvement” they offer to a desperate Webmaster is to increase number of links to the website and therefore boost your pegerank. I wouldn’t argue that links are important but… (it should always be a “but”, isn’t it?). The problem is, where your new links are coming from? In most cases you would get zillions of links from so called “link pools”, places designed especially to store links. And don’t be fooled that search engines don’t know about … Continue Reading