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Making and selling a digital product – how it works (Part 2)

Now you would need to tell others about this new exiting product. Techniques used by marketers are:

1. Social bookmarking (Digg, HubPages, Squidoo, etc) make as many appearances there as possible.
2. Blog comments – find blogs with similar content, make a comment to a post and put your link
3. Forums – same as blogs, but you can put your link permanently in your signature.
4. Social networks – link on your Facebook page or Myspace would do nicely
5. Twitter – find followers with similar interests and post your link from time to time.

Those are easy ways of building some traffic and getting … Continue Reading

Internet Marketing – Two Parallel Universes

After publishing number of articles on SEO and e-Marketing strategies for serious B2B and B2C campaigns, I’ve been asked, why I am not touching the “gray area” of the e-Commerce. Having few hours to spare I decided to fill the gap and introduce number of articles on the subject. So here we go:

If you are using the Internet professionally or just for fun, then you should have noticed range of different approaches in trying to sell you something. From serious websites with reviews, technical data and comparisons to sales pitch letters with (mostly!) fake testimonials attempting to change your life, … Continue Reading

Double-sided marketing strategy or story of a “Bag for Life”

Young Cashier (YC) in the supermarket: Do you want “Bag for Life”?
Me: No, thank you!
YC: Strange, it’s so convenient but very few customers are buying it.
Me: Oh, it’s very simple! Because…

Now, let’s see about this “because”. It was an actual dialog between me and a young trainee in one of the major supermarkets just couple of days ago. Later she told me that she wanted to get a career in marketing. And I decided to give her a short “lesson” on do’s and don’ts of the marketing strategies.

So, a “Bag for Life”, one of the more or less recent inventions … Continue Reading