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Tip No. 4 – Cpanel Hosting and IMAP – Google Apps Solution

After my previous Tip No. 3, I’ve received several e-Mails asking if it is still possible to have IMAP for several users with shared cPanel hosting. The answer is yes, there is a solution. Therefore here we go with a new daily tip:

It is possible to “outsource” your e-Mail even if you are on the shared cPanel hosting. To do that you would need access to your domain’s MX record. If you can change it then you can opt for Google to handle your messages for you. Sign-up for Google Apps, and don’t forget that the free … Continue Reading

Tip No. 3 – Cpanel Hosting and IMAP

Many web hosting companies provide shared hosting with Cpanel. They do often offer unlimited e-mail accounts with both POP3 and IMAP access (including webmail). What you should know if aiming to provide the IMAP for the whole company, is that connections to the server are usually limited to 8 from a single IP. Therefore if using a shared internet access for number of users the most you could provide is 2 maximum 3 IMAP mailboxes. Going above this limit would make connection to the IMAP server to time-out. You can provide much more POP3 accounts together with the IMAP without … Continue Reading