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Off-the-shelf Chemical Marketing Strategies

For some time now I haven’t had a chance to write in this blog. After this summer holidays the market activity is growing so my workload grows with it as well. But I should try and add few things from time to time as disappointing my regular readers is the last thing I would like to do on this website.

Today I have new offer for all chemical companies interested in implementing my eMarketing and eCommerce strategies for Chemical Industry. Repeating the content of the whole article in this blog would not be efficient. You can read the full article here: … Continue Reading

The ExCo Forum is Back

After closing my forum I’ve received many messages asking to reopen it. I was pretty reluctant to do it and here is why. The spam count was simply enormous! More than 700 only Viagra messages. And you know what, a don’t really understand how someone can spam a chemical a pharma board with offers to buy sildenafil citrate in milligrams! Don’t they realise that most people here could get it metric tons if necessary? Or brain activity is something really unknown to spammers?

Therefore after trying to clean spam comments and topics I simply decided to clean everything. I do apologised … Continue Reading