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Affiliate Marketing Tutorial – Lesson 2 (Choosing a Niche and Domain)

Now after we have decided which platform is going to be used, the next step is to choose a domain. Before that we should establish which marketing niche (what particular range of products) we are going to sell or promote on our ne website. It could be done either by checking reports, modern trends, gadgets, etc. for the cutting-edge bestselling products or by simply concentrating on products that are always in demand. For our upcoming tutorial site we would chose a product that is always in demand, but until we reveal it let’s discuss the general principles of domaining. Many … Continue Reading

Making and selling a digital product – how it works (Part 1)

In this article we will do a simple exercise and make a plain (but still somehow useful) digital product and define the sales strategy. We would choose a route which could still deliver a satisfying product that at least could be used and not make claims of unlimited wealth or health. Tactics in this article are the same as used by the majority of digital product sellers. We are going to call our product “Secret Family Recipes”. What we need is a bunch of freely available recipes for cookies and cakes (choose the less known ones) that are simple to … Continue Reading