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SEO Blues Part 2. Links, links, links…

Now it is time to dig a bit dipper and see what the SEO companies do offer you. First and utmost service and “improvement” they offer to a desperate Webmaster is to increase number of links to the website and therefore boost your pegerank. I wouldn’t argue that links are important but… (it should always be a “but”, isn’t it?). The problem is, where your new links are coming from? In most cases you would get zillions of links from so called “link pools”, places designed especially to store links. And don’t be fooled that search engines don’t know about … Continue Reading

Ranking-shmanking or bye-bye Alexa

Today I’ve received a junk mail from a Web promotion company regarding one of my websites. You know, one of these rouge SEO people that cant find clients and try to spam and get at least some business. This time a sentence from their letter attracted my attention. Here we go: “We have checked your Alexa ranking (well done, I never thought about doing it myself) and found that it has dropped (really, so I use to have some ranking there) and you visitor’s base dropped by 50% in last three month (should I now be after AWStats makers, such … Continue Reading