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Affiliate Marketing Tutorial – Choosing a Hosting Company

Now you have you domain and decided on the platform, so time to choose where to actually put your website. Unlike general “Webhosting Review” sites, I am putting here only hosting companies that I do use myself for years and therefore know, what I am recommending.

We are going to subdivide Webhosting Companies based on the level of your technical experience.

1. Domain Registrars – Webhosts

If you are not very comfortable in changing nameservers, or doing other technical things, then often company which register your domain also offers good deals in hosting packages. Because hosts in this article are really tried and … Continue Reading

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial – Lesson 2 (Choosing a Niche and Domain)

Now after we have decided which platform is going to be used, the next step is to choose a domain. Before that we should establish which marketing niche (what particular range of products) we are going to sell or promote on our ne website. It could be done either by checking reports, modern trends, gadgets, etc. for the cutting-edge bestselling products or by simply concentrating on products that are always in demand. For our upcoming tutorial site we would chose a product that is always in demand, but until we reveal it let’s discuss the general principles of domaining. Many … Continue Reading

Affiliate Marketing – Lesson 1 (Choosing a Platform)

In my last post I have mentioned two websites showing how the affiliate marketing website looks like. But we are going to do even more, we are going to built an affiliate website together and fill it with information.

Before we start, we should make one very important statement: real Affiliate Marketing is NOT about fooling people to buy useless products, on the contrary, it is a way of finding good, relevant products and services and letting customers know about them. This approach creates TRUST and customers do return for more. They also spread the word about your website and it … Continue Reading