Making and selling a digital product – how it works (Part 2)

Now you would need to tell others about this new exiting product. Techniques used by marketers are:

1. Social bookmarking (Digg, HubPages, Squidoo, etc) make as many appearances there as possible.
2. Blog comments – find blogs with similar content, make a comment to a post and put your link
3. Forums – same as blogs, but you can put your link permanently in your signature.
4. Social networks – link on your Facebook page or Myspace would do nicely
5. Twitter – find followers with similar interests and post your link from time to time.

Those are easy ways of building some traffic and getting noticed by the search engines. Once your site is established enough you might be interested in find affiliates that would agree to sell your product for you for a commission. Unlike real life situation, don’t ever think that they would be bothered to sell for 10 or even 20% commission. The reality is, you should offer at least 70-75%! Yes, it sounds like a rip-off, but don’t forget, your initial cost is close to zero so any income is a good income. Once the affiliate machine is up and running your product is being taken care of not only by you, but by number of people who are quite good in the techniques described above.

What we have achieved in this exercise?

1. Created an honest (well, a bit cheeky, but still useful) digital product
2. Designed a sales system
3. Put everything up on the Internet
4. Found ways of selling it and making some money.

You might ask if it is indeed possible to make good money by selling digital products. It is possible, but you have to remember that money does not grow on the trees and to get something out you should put an effort. If you see people advertising their methods as working on an “autopilot” and making profit without further effort then the key word is “further”. The initial effort is an absolute must. You wouldn’t earn thousands from this method, but what if you make 10, 100 or even 1000 digital products and sell them? Now do your math.

And you know what I just did? I just saved you something like $40 or $100 by just taking-up a challenge and completing this simple guide.

The tactics used in this exercise are actually the tactics used in 99% of digital products. At least our product gives people some value for money (you’ve done the search, selected and amended the recipes) but still fort me, personally, even this leaves unpleasant aftertaste. That is why I am mostly doing a corporate B2B e-Marketing and e-Commerce.

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