Giganews vs NewsHosting vs NewsDemon

I have planned this one as review, but then decided that first have to check what is on offer. Giganews and Newshosting – I have used both something like 10 years ago. Newsdemon – I didn’t use it before but added to the line of providers with more than 1500 retention days.


When we were using newsgroups, Giganews had longest possible retention ever. Well the retention was at least double of other providers. But so was the price. Our Linux community was not really into it as it was expensive. And it is now. With added bells and whistles. Probably the best completion rate as it use to be but still. What is my conclusion?

Well If you are ready to part with your cash, then nothing could and nothing can beat Giganews for the quality. But do you really need that level of service? If yes, then the choice is obvious.


we use to call Newshosting a “poor Usenet users Giganews”. And it was. Just one step behind Giganews but half the price. I was using it for few years. Now checked their website – retention is up and prices still half of the Giganews. Good old days. My conclusion:

Tried and tested, Newshosting is still there and still gives you good value for money. I’ve been there, seen it, got a t-shirt. Good, reliable provider.


Haven’t used this one but many people I know are saying that it is fast. Even I know few that switched form Newshosting to Newsdemon. Well, I haven’t tried it yet, I might though. what I like about Newsdemon at the moment is their block accounts. Block accounts is something very useful for occasional Usenet user. Unfortunately many providers ignore block account (on purpose!) and give a free trial instead. But I still think that block accounts are important and useful. If I try Newsdeamon myself then review will be posted here.

Speaking of block accounts. In my next article I am going to discuss exactly that. Check back for more.

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2 Responses to “Giganews vs NewsHosting vs NewsDemon”

  1. JO said:

    Oct 08, 12 at 9:23 am

    Are they all resellers? Why no links? Thanks.

  2. ExCo said:

    Oct 08, 12 at 9:36 am

    Good question!

    Before getting into details, there are in fact only 3 (yes three) “backbone” Usenet providers. Highwinds, Readnews and … Giganews. First two do not provide services to individuals at all. So you can not call anyone using their backbone as a real “reseller”. Therefore let’s do as levels with backbone at level 0.

    Giganews – level 0
    Newshosting – level 1 (Highwinds)
    Newsdemon – level 1 (could also be Highwinds, have to check)

    Links? I’ll update them later. Meanwhile use big G 😉

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