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Off Topic

While getting the affiliate tutorials ready and going through zillions of settings, optimizations, niches, etc. I was also looking for few things on the Net.

And you know what, this advert with teeth like “Do not bleach… Teeth whitening secret discovered by local mom…”. I believe all of you have seen this rubbish; it’s too much of it and looks like substantial advertising budget is involved. I don’t mind advertising; it’s just too much of it and the adverts look too disgusting and absolutely irrelevant to the pages they are placed on.

Nevertheless, today I took a closer look at the ads … Continue Reading

Adsense Alternatives

Recently I was asked to check if Adsense is the only way of monetising blogs and find suitable alternative.

Well, this is not as easy task as one could think. Google Adsense attracts not only big advertisers but big publishers. Meanwhile being a big company has it’s drawbacks. Also in a world without competition provider starts to dictate: You can’t do this, you can’t do that, you should do only things only this way…” Not nice…

First time I’ve discovered a Big Company Syndrome of Adsense when I needed to contact their support with some small issue. … Continue Reading

Poker School

I am missing math… Many years in research, well, that was ages ago, but I still miss it.

I had a site – Poker School, just for the fun. Now I am going to fill it with articles and posts in games, chaos and probability theories. So watch this new Poker space and it doesn’t matter if you like the game of Poker or not. Ideas will be interesting and unusual – this is a promise.