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Giganews vs NewsHosting vs NewsDemon

I have planned this one as review, but then decided that first have to check what is on offer. Giganews and Newshosting – I have used both something like 10 years ago. Newsdemon – I didn’t use it before but added to the line of providers with more than 1500 retention days.


When we were using newsgroups, Giganews had longest possible retention ever. Well the retention was at least double of other providers. But so was the price. Our Linux community was not really into it as it was expensive. And it is now. With added bells and whistles. Probably the … Continue Reading

Usenet.Back to Basics. Part 2.

Three years! When I was active member of Linux community, we were talking about 200 days as being a HUGE retention for news servers. But I was away from it for a long time and things might have changed. And they did.

I have checked some of the block accounts I had back in 2002-2003 and to my surprise there were still active with few gigs of downloads left. To my surprise the retention showing on one of my older providers was now about 1500 days and this is 4 years. The distro was downloaded in no time. Usenet was fast, … Continue Reading

Usenet. Back to basics.

I have to share this. Some years ago (even decades) I was using Usenet a lot. Actually it was a place for many IT pros to to discuss and share ideas and get help where needed. Unlike social networks or forums, Usenet has no boundaries, no specific servers and it is in fact can not go down completely. If one server is down then hundreds of others have a copy of what you need. I was first using Usenet through Compuserve (yes, some of you might not even know the Compuserve but it was one of the best) then directly … Continue Reading