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Adsense Optimizing

Recently I have noticed a drop in a click-through on my Adsense. So it is time to go back and adjust few things. But while doing it I decided to share this simple tip with my fellow Adsense publishers.

The problem is usually very simple. From time to time Google gets into “craze”, it is when some advertiser puts good money in and Google starts to feed absolutely irrelevant ads into virtually all advertising channels.

Couple of months ago it was Grupon, that was driving me bananas. Whatever the site about shoes, economics or medicine I was getting this stupid “Eat as … Continue Reading

phpBB Spam – How to Stop it

Expert Consultant website use to have a very popular forum, based on phpBB 3. Several months ago I had to stop the forum altogether and attempted to clean it from spam. It was such a tedious work, that I simply decided to clean the database directly, and kept only few random older messages. It was not a best way forward but it took so much time that I simply couldn’t afford. Moderators have “resigned” because of this as well.

Later the board was reopened … Continue Reading

Tip without a Number or good old mobiles

Well, I left my blog “untouched” for a while just because I am pretty busy with new Projects. At the same time my phone line was “accidentally cut” during some roadwork, which left me both without broadband and modem altogether! Not nice!

Typing in with any type of a mobile device, even 3G, and trying to use WordPress is something really daunting.

I dug out my old mobile and made an easy GPRS connection just because it’s cable is a simple mini USB which you could find virtually everywhere. Tip: don’t throw away your old mobiles, they might be useful one day … Continue Reading