Affiliate Marketing – Lesson 1 (Choosing a Platform)

In my last post I have mentioned two websites showing how the affiliate marketing website looks like. But we are going to do even more, we are going to built an affiliate website together and fill it with information.

Before we start, we should make one very important statement: real Affiliate Marketing is NOT about fooling people to buy useless products, on the contrary, it is a way of finding good, relevant products and services and letting customers know about them. This approach creates TRUST and customers do return for more. They also spread the word about your website and it attracts even more clients.

For our lessons I decided to choose a WordPress-based marketing installation. First of all, WordPress is very easy to customize and optimize for search engines. I would assume that you have basic knowledge of how WordPress works, but if you are just starting to learn the system, then there is a highly recommended book, which would save you hours of research and learning everything “hard way”. This book is written in a way that even a complete newbie can easily find way around WordPress and complete the exercises necessary to install themes and plugins mentioned in this series of lessons and I often recommend it to my friends and clients.

Some affiliate gurus might say that we should start from choosing a domain, niche, etc. but I disagree with this statement. Even with nicest domain you wouldn’t get anywhere if you don’t know what you are actually going to put on your new Affiliate Website. Therefore before jumping into domaining and hosting you should at least get familiar with basic Website building techniques.

I have already made a very basic WordPress installation for our future site and in our second lesson we would discuss how to choose the right domain and hosting package. At that stage I would also show you how the very basic “landing page” of our Affiliate Website looks. Watch this space for more lessons in Affiliate Marketing.

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