White Label and Marketing

In this article we will discuss some standard eMarketing strategies used by White Label websites.

  1. Direct Advertising (Google Adsense, Adchoices, etc.)
    Good starting point. But what if… you have problems in this type of SEM? For example, the CPC is high, the market is highly competitive (most white label markets are) or you need to provide tons of documents for a licensed activity? To be honest that was one of the reasons for me to choose a gaming industry for this tutorial series. Yes, Adwords is an option but it might be very expensive and for certain industry the ROI should be … Continue Reading

White Label Affiliate Solutions

White Label (Private Label) is a turnkey business model that allows running a slightly modified version of a popular website under your own brand. White label is mainly associated with Hotels, Flights and Dating industries though there are many other solutions offered to webmasters. Do not confuse it with dropship, where physical product arrives to the client in unbranded box and the business itself looks like your own. That is not the same and we are not going to discuss it in this series.

White label business model causes controversy amongst seasoned and new webmasters. After several Google algo updates and … Continue Reading

White Label Softphone

Writing about white label solutions requires constant research, because you never know what unusual offers you can find. For many of us white label is mostly associated with travel or dating, but it not entirely true. For example – white label softphone, something like Skype and Viber alternative but under your own name. Huh? Interesting… But how it works and do I need it? Well, to run something VoIP you need full infrastructure. It is expensive. But what if you run it over someone else’s infrastructure and just put iOS or Android App under you own brand. This sounds cheaper.

But … Continue Reading